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Printing File Submission Standards

File Acceptance

We accept files via our or by email: We also accept files on CD, or Flash Drive.

Fine Prints’s Preferred Format For Receiving Customer File(s)

PDF (.pdf) Format: as composite; images should be at least 300 dpi. Go to for detailed instructions on making great PDF’s.

We ask that all jobs be built in CMYK colorspace as we do not currently support rgb. Please make sure all bitmap images contain a least 300dpi effective resolution. We ask to you please include 1/8 inch bleed on documents that require it. When submitting PDF's please make sure all fonts are embedded, if submitting live documents please collect for output so that all files, fonts and images are submitted.

File Submission

Label all discs provided to us with file name(s) and programs used with version noted. Be sure to include your platform (MAC or PC). Be sure to include all job related elements, graphics, and photo files along with both screen and printer fonts when available.

A Hard copy sample must be provided

To ensure the proper fonts, images and graphics appear and that pagination is correct. (We can not assume responsibility for missing fonts, images or graphics without a hard copy sample.)


Quark Xpress "Collect for Output" • Pagemaker "Save for Service Provider" Publisher "Pack and Go" • InDesign "Package"

* When customers prepare computer files for a printer, it is easy for them to forget to include some important elements. Fortunately, some programs have special features within the application to make sure what is given to the printer is correct. Additionally, fonts are one of the top causes of an electronic file to fail. Missing fonts, font conflicts between PC and Mac, font types: Type1 (Postscript) versus True Type and confusion about how fonts work can add time and cost to outputting a file.

We support the following software programs as standard for the PC.

Adobe InDesign CS3 and below
Adobe Pagemaker Version 7.0
Adobe Illustrator CS3 and below
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and below

Additional charges may be incurred in printing Microsoftapplication files, due to font (TrueType and copyright issues), color and graphic related issues. Customer supplied digital copy or manuscript, to be formatted by us, should be saved and supplied as a text file only. When possible avoid TrueType fonts. Fonts should not be stylized (bold, italic, underlined etc.) using keyboard commands. An Actual Bold, italic, etc. font must be used or it may not print correctly.

We support the following software programs as standard for the Macintosh.

Quark Xpress Version 6.0 and below
Adobe InDesign CS3 and below
Adobe Illustrator CS3 and below
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and below

The following programs should not be used for page layout:

Adobe Illustrator (best for lines and curves, vector based artwork), Adobe Photoshop (best for photos). We accept files from the above software programs as graphics. Graphic Files must be provided as: TIFF/TIF, EPS or (for digital color copy only) JPG/JPEG (Graphics found on the internet are usually 72 dpi and will produce blurry, pixilated, or distorted when professionally printed. We recommend your images to be 300 dpi or higher)